AACG Documents

Participation in Adelphi Acre Community Garden programs, events, etc. requires acceptance of the official bylaws.  All members must familiarize themselves with AACG policies and submit signed copies of the Official Bylaws, the signature version of the Gardener’s Agreement, and the Sponsored Garden Participant & Volunteer Liability Release.  These documents may be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format, but signed copies must be submitted to the Membership Director prior to beginning any work in the garden.


New garden members are also required to attend an orientation session before their plot will be released to them.  During orientation, new members will learn about AACG policies, guidelines, and maintenance requirements as well as gain valuable information on composting, pest management, and mulching.  Additional information about planting schedules and plant varieties is also provided.  The complete orientation packet can be downloaded in PDF format.

  • Orientation Packet (PDF) – UPDATING

A map of the garden, including plot layout and numbering, can be viewed on the Garden Map webpage.